“Everyone wants to be a monster until they see what REAL monsters do!”

I have been using this quote a lot lately because it resonates with me so deeply.

One morning I woke up early doing my regular routine and I got this idea to ask some of my athletes how their friends and other athletes they may know perceive one of my training facilities.

Wayne Moore, a running back who was drafted by the Montreal Alouettes who has been training for 4 years at LPS, gave the same reply: “LPS has a good reputation and it is understood that training here involves hard work.”

But he added, “There’s one catch though, Clance. Everyone wants to be a monster until they see what real monsters do.”

That statement hit me so hard, it was like a baseball bat cracking me upside my head!

People talk a good game, people want things – success, money, fame, master strength coach – you name it.

But when they truly come to realize the work they will have to do to reach their goals they run, or it’s simply too much for them to handle and they quit.

I see this happen over and over. An athlete comes to the gym all pumped and ready to work but when the work hits they just disappear. This goes for any profession, especially strength coaches.

Everyone nowadays seem to want this magical pill, or to be spoon fed, or believe they’ve learned enough taking a few courses & certifications.

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve in life, you have to put in the work.

This is why I praise the work, I never praise the athlete.

An athlete who has a good work ethic is one who will receive praise in the gym. This sets a hard-working culture that breeds results. Culture creates Habits that produce Results.

The AAS training methods are centred around developing athleticism while building a strong, powerful, and durable athlete. Olympic weightlifting, strength training with barbells and dumbbells, jumping, and sprints are pretty much everything that is included in our system of training.

This is done four times per week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, with active rest days on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Athletes begin with a three week phase of general physical preparation (GPP) or a structural balance phase, in which the strength coaches work on the athlete’s weaknesses – usually tight, weak muscles, not to mention mobility issues.

Then the real work begins…

…and we see who the real monsters are as opposed to the wanna be monsters. This is because for the next 9 weeks, these athletes are put to the ultimate test – Maximal Effort!

They max out on 5 to 9 exercises every Monday and Tuesday in addition to performing maximal acceleration work.

On Wednesday and Friday of every week they perform a high volume of work with a high percentage of their max weight.

Yes, this puts a significant stress on the central nervous system, but the organism (the athlete) WILL ADAPT!

I know that many coaches, trainers, and athletes believe there is no way a human can tolerate such a combination of high intensity and high volume for 9 weeks.

The fact is that it is possible and the coaches have the results to prove it!

If you take a look at the numerous athletes the AAS certified coaches have developed with this system, you will notice they are not just average players on their teams, they are standouts. AAS certified coaches are known to produce standout athletes who DOMINATE their opposition!

These are the monsters this system produces.

This is no different from the strength coaches our certification produces; everyone wants to be a great strength coach until they see what real strength coaches do.

An observer once said to me, “This system is like a pressure cooker and over time the pressure creates diamonds.”

BONUS: Checkout Fabion’s 260kg Squat

120kg x 1
160kg x 1
190kg x 1
220kg x 1
240kg x 1
250kg x 1
260kg x 1
270kg missed

This entire series took no more than 15min. This included 4 reps above 88%.

In the next 2 weeks or so, we’ll be releasing the Concept of Loading course to the community, stay tuned.