Pierre Roy Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Every year, I make a point of spending some time with Pierre Roy, my mentor.

We take time to discuss methods, systems, technique, and new discoveries in the strength game.

Basically anything and everything strength, speed, and power.

He is a simple man who has a simple and happy life with his wife, Clare.

In my opinion, his passion for the sport of Olympic weightlifting is unmatched.

It’s not just the love of the sport or working with kids, he’s obsessed with developing champions.

He told me:

“Working with kids is not enough, I need to find and develop world-class athletes. It takes me three years to develop junior national team members and over eight years to develop senior national team members. I’m sixty-seven, so I’m running out of time. One day, I hope that perfect specimen will walk through that door.”

This is how he thinks and this is why I’m so drawn to him.

It’s about results and creating extraordinary athletes.

This is why I come back year after year to learn, grow, and be humbled.