Become an AAS Certified Coach by learning the proven, results-driven training system that develops strong, durable, and flexible elite athletes who dominate their sport.

This results-guaranteed system is a game-changer and will elevate you to a master strength coach in no time.

The Athlete Activation System (AAS) Certification program is the only Canadian based certification backed by 25+ years of experience and is set out to help you navigate the trenches of strength & conditioning with no bullshit, and no gimmicks .

This proven training system is used by elite coaches around the world to build extraordinary athletes who dominate at their sport.


This comprehensive AAS curriculum covers an advanced aspect of strength training and sports performance, including coaching mastery, mastering fundamental movements, pre-movement preparation, strength training, power development, speed training, culture development, and the critical components of effective program design.

All of this is done through our 4 to 6 week online course combined with an intense 2 day practical course.