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Clance Laylor, PICP Level 5 Master Coach & Founder of Laylor Performance Systems

AAS was developed over several years by Clance Laylor, PICP Level 5 Master Coach and Founder of Laylor Performance Systems (LPS). Clance is a former competitive sprinter and is the personal Strength Coach to NHL players including P.K. Subban & Joel Ward, along with several top amateur athletes from a variety of sports.

When I was growing up, the kids in our neighbourhood would tease the local dogs. We would stomp our feet two or three times and then run for our lives! The dogs would chase use at maximum speed with bad intentions! Those kids who were not fast enough to jump over a fence or jump up onto a light pole got bitten. Yes, bitten! We had to literally run for our lives.

You not only had the fear of being bitten, but also the fear of explaining why you got bitten to your parents. You would have most likely gotten an ass whooping on top of the dog bite and maybe even a trip to the hospital to top off the experience.

This was my first exposure to nervous system training. There was no such thing as submaximal days, “Oh mister dog, don’t run so fast today, I’m tired.”

Our group was the fastest in the city. Local track clubs recruited us. Some kids got scholarships and went on to become some of the fastest sprinters in the country.

Later, when I was training at York University as a youngster, I asked Charlie Francis, “How do I run faster?” He said, “Run faster.”

I didn’t understand exactly what Charlie meant until 30 years later.

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