All strength and conditioning programs are not created equal! Our proven systems deliver far superior results.

That’s why hundreds of athletes are excited about being trained by AAS certified coaches in this system that took over 30+ years of study, research and practical experience at the highest level.

Gimmicks, fads, and quick fixes are not a part of this program and these things will NEVER find their way in the culture and practices. We believe in creating habits, which will drive culture and that culture will drive results. Our results speak for themselves.

AAS Certified coaches don’t piggy-back off athletes who are already successful, training them for a month or so and claiming they are responsible for their success. They develop athletes and take them to the next level and we’re proud of that. AAS Certified coaches want their athletes to dominate in their chosen sport!


Here are a few stories from Amateur, Olympic, and Professional athletes that have worked with AAS Certified Coaches through the AAS program.


P.K. Subban
NHL, Nashville Predators & Norris Trophy Winner

Wayne Moore
CFL 2016 #1 RB Draft Pick (Football)

Drew Paris
SHL, Team Modo, Sweden

Victoria McCartney
Soccer, Western Michigan

Jake Heathcote
Football, McMaster University

Gordon Whyte
Football (Linebacker) at St. Francis Xavier University

Mike Webster
AHL, Penguins & OHL Captain of the Year (2016)

Fabion Foote
Football, Defensive Tackle, McMaster University

Join the ranks of hundreds of top performing and dominating athletes.


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