The Athlete Activation System (AAS) was developed using over a decade of research, experiments, and mentors by former competitive sprinter Clance Laylor, a Master Strength Coach who’s client range from top amateur to professional athletes like NHL Norris Trophy Winner P.K. Subban.

When Clance was growing up, the kids in his neighbourhood would tease the local dogs. They would stomp their feet two or three times and then run for their lives!

The dogs would chase them at maximum speed with bad intentions! The kids who were not fast enough to jump over a fence or jump up onto a light pole got bitten. Yes, bitten! This was literally running for your lives.

Clance and his friends not only had the fear of being bitten, but also the fear of explaining why he got bitten to his parents. He would have most likely gotten an ass whooping on top of the dog bite and maybe even a trip to the hospital to top off the experience.

This was his first exposure to nervous system training. There was no such thing as sub-maximal days, “Oh mister dog, don’t run so fast today, I’m tired.”

Clance’s group was the fastest in the city. Local track clubs recruited them, got scholarships and went on to become some of the fastest sprinters in the country.

Years later, when Clance was training at York University as a youngster, he asked legendary Charlie Francis, “How do I run faster?” He said, “Run faster.”

Clance didn’t exactly understand what Charlie had meant until 30 years later; the Athlete Activation System.

This training was undoubtedly very comprehensive. Which responded to all my questions and I couldn't ask for anything better.

- Anthony J. Campbell, Certified AAS Coach, PICP Level 3, A.J. Campbell Training System

The Athlete Activation System (AAS) is a systematically-periodized training methodology designed to provide Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers with the practical and theoretical knowledge that will enable them to achieve optimal results with the athletes they train. This is real-world strength and conditioning for athletes, which has been tested and proven at the highest level of competitive sports.



“…reason why I came all the way here to Toronto is to carry out my AAS training, I decided to undertake in this, despite all my previous sessions, since I’ve never really found the right answer to my question on how to train professional athletes exactly…”
Anthony J. Campbell, Strength Coach in Montreal

“…like goose bumps right on. And so here I am on the second day, the final day and I have 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, and there are things that I have learned in this short two days, not only from Clance, but also he had one of the great masters…”
Eric Morrison, Personal Life Coach in Toronto

Join the ranks of results-driven top strength coaches around the world.


All strength and conditioning programs are not created equal! Our proven systems deliver far superior results.

You have heard all these gimmicks like; ladder drills make you have quicker feet, balance training is better for performance enhancement, core training is great for developing strength and power, sprinting on treadmills make you faster, and functional training. Do we even know what that really means?

Strength coaches must see past all this gouck, gadgets and get past all this information flooding the internet and that is lowering the quality of coaches around the world.

You can just see the difference between myself and other athletes especially in back-to-back game situations. Being able to bring that same level of intensity and like I said, that sustained strength and speed on every shift is the biggest difference in my opinion between the great players and the good players in the league.

- P.K. Subban, NHL James Norris Memorial Trophy Winner, Top Defenseman, Gold Medalist

See if this describes you:

  • You’ve spent time and money on seminars learning how to create better programs for your athletes, you are not seeing the results you were hoping for?
  • You wonder what you could be doing differently to get better results for your athletes
  • You’ve said to yourself, “ There has to be a better way of training my athletes, why isn’t my program or system working?
  • Why don’t I feel the respect I deserve from my athletes?
  • Why are they doing some else program and not mine?

If you find yourself in any of these situations it’s likely because you are stuck using old or outdated training systems and methods that don’t work or transfer greatly to the athlete’s sport.

Maybe you are using sport specific methods that are not sport specific! Or wasting time on balance training that supposedly helps recruit more stabilizers for better performance, using ladders and praying your athlete gets quicker feet. Or maybe you are conditioning the athlete to death and praying they will just outwork everyone else.

If you are using anyone of these methods as a staple of your training, it’s just a matter of time till your athletes and clients leave you.

“…I am an Olympic weightlifter so I want to work with weightlifters as well as hockey players, baseball players, basketball players, so it gives you a really great insight into how to train these athletes to be strong, powerful, and explosive…”
Apoorva Bhandari, Strength Coach & Olympic Weightlifter

“…I chose to come to the AAS program because I believe that Clance Laylor is one of the best strength coaches in Canada and definitely one of the best that I follow in regards to his training methods and systems…”
Josh Fontana, Head Strength Coach at Pure Strength Academy


We are not just going to hand you a piece of paper and say here, you’re now a certified AAS Coach.

No, we want competent and highly skilled coaches with practical knowledge. We provide you with support and are committed to helping you grow as a coach and apply what you have learned.

We see way too many coaches that can’t apply what they have learned, we believe this is the missing peace to a lot of certification programs in the world.

...of all the training sessions I've ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards...

- Louis Gagné, Certified AAS Coach, Centre Myoforma

We have a Facebook Coaches Community dedicated to your learning and growth, we have camps throughout the year for coaches who are certified or who needs to retest, brush up on their practical skill.

Working with real athletes, we also have programs that give coaches an invite to intern with a certified facility over the summer so you can see first hand how AAS is implemented with real athletes.

“…One thing I like about it is the simplicity of the program and also just focuses on the basics and what’s really important in increasing the performance of an athlete…”
Fumbi Adegbesan, Strength Coach & Personal Trainer

“…I learnt new ways of working along with new methods that will help me in the future. That much is perfectly clear. Furthermore, personally, I had many personal records all of which I earned within two days of training…”
Derrick Lavoie, Kinesiologist & Trainer


The Athlete Activation System (AAS) is suitable to be used with athletes ranging from dedicated young amateurs up to those at the national and professional level.

The main objectives of this system are to increase each athlete’s strength, power, strength-endurance, durability, conditioning, and flexibility.

These athletic performance variables are achieved through individualized and periodized programming based on proven methods that have been refined over many years.

The AAS is based on physiological principles that have stood the test of time in the annals of high performance literature. Critical concepts that are taken into consideration include the body’s ability to successfully adapt to stressors, priming an optimal hormonal environment to naturally drive performance, developing a more potent motor unit pool of fast-twitch muscle fibres, and principally activating these high-threshold motor units. The development of the high-threshold motor units is a crucial element that many conventional training systems effectively ignore.

To build the best athletes you must build an intense environment, stimulate a “fight-or-flight” response, and not stray too far from maximum intensity. Maximal training efforts will produce a significant concentration of the hormones that elicit the desired “fight-or-flight” response. Applying progressive increases in stress at the appropriate time is how we build physically and psychologically strong athletes.

I've been to over 50+ certifications and courses around the world over my lifetime of a strength coach for 30+ years, and this is by far top 3 of the best courses I've ever taken. It was a fire hose of gold.

- Tyson Staples, Certified AAS Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach

The AAS is designed to train athletes to have the strength and ability to handle the stress of a long season performing at the top level of their chosen sport. The system builds the foundation of athleticism, creating the raw materials for success in both team sports (hockey, football, soccer, etc.) and individual sports (tennis, track & field, golf, etc.).

A key training concept many people do not fully appreciate is the principle of ADAPTATION.

People often overlook the extent of the human body’s capacity for change as a result of sustained systematic training. However, the body will fight change, as it is designed to maintain homeostasis, or “equilibrium” within its systems.

The AAS activates adaptation and causes each athlete’s equilibrium point to be reset at a higher level of function and performance. This training required to optimize this adaptation process is certainly not easy and it is not painless, but as a result of systematic, periodized training the athlete becomes progressively stronger, faster, better conditioned, and able to withstand the stress of the most intense training and competitive situations.

If your athletes are willing to work hard and endure the inevitable fatigue and soreness, they will reach new heights of performance using the AAS. Many athletes are tempted to give up when the training gets tough, or when the fatigue and soreness involved in the adaptation process sets in, resulting in a failure to realize their true potential.

The all-encompassing question is: will your athletes fight, or will they flee?

“…I played a lot of rugby so it’s my transition from an athlete to a coach and this is the best system in the business…”
Alex Lauzon, Wrestler & Coach

“…the results speak for themselves at the system. I’ve seen it. It works. And I can’t wait to see how my coaching goes forward with this…”
Vince Lucente, Strength & Conditioning Coach

We spend a lot of time on each candidate, and a qualification requirement is needed.


In our comprehensive certification course, you can expect to:

  • Gain an understanding of the physiological adaptations that set the foundation for this program.
  • Understand Physiological adaptations specific to each phase in the periodized approach of the Athlete Activation System.
  • Gain deeper understanding of the adaptation process
  • How to really optimize the Central Nervous System
  • Understand the Importance of weightlifting as it transfers to sport
  • How is weightlifting important for athlete durability and dexterity
  • Improve your Olympic weightlifting competency
  • How to develop strength/power/speed/flexibility/mobility
  • How to develop monstrous work capacity at a high percentage of maximal output
  • How to truly develop maximal force
  • Develop a strong understanding of how to assess an athlete
  • Master and maximze coaching cognition
  • Build a dominant culture with your athletes and clients
  • Innovative approach to programming for your athletes

Our survey results averaged 9.8/10 satisfaction rating and $2,000+ in value.

And we just recently added additional 30% more learning modules!

Athlete Activation System Certification (AASc)

$1,595CAN $
  • Certification Course with Examinations (12+ Modules)
  • Two (2) Day On-Site Practical Training
  • Comprehensive Weightlifting with High Level Professionals
  • Bonus Course: Programming AAS Basics Course (4+ Modules)
  • Bonus Course: Concept of Loading (6+ Modules)
  • Access to Private Facebook Strength Coaches Community
  • Access to Webinars and Round-Table Discussions
  • Access to Master Strength Coach, Clance Laylor
  • Access to all Guides, Research and Resources
  • Listed in Our Global Strength Coaches Directory†
  • Proud AASc Designation†

†Only applies after you have successfully passed the certification.

“…extremely blessed to be a part of it because there’s absolutely nothing on the market like it and I feel like we’re head and shoulders really above everyone else in this…”
Charles Thompson, Strength Coach

“…Of all the training sessions I’ve ever been to, this was certainly the one that earned the highest evaluation standards…”
Louis Gagné, Kinesiologist at Centre Myoforma

Join the ranks of results-driven top strength coaches around the world.