I firmly believe most athletes are not trained to their full potential. Basically what is happening is that, generally speaking, on any given team the gifted athletes and less-gifted athletes are following exactly the same training program. Depending on the nature of that program, this might mean that the gifted athletes get just enough training to allow them to progress in the gym and dominate on the field, court, or rink, while the less-gifted athletes fail to progress and gradually fall further and further behind. Alternatively, if the program is of the high-volume “survive and thrive or get broken and quit” variety, in many cases it is the athletes who are most gifted for speed and power who suffer the most. Either way, this means that many athletes are not achieving their maximum level of performance.

Volume and intensity are both powerful training parameters, and they need to be applied and combined in a systematic manner over time depending on the nature of the sport, event, or position and the individual characteristics of each athlete to the extent that this is practical. Gifted speed and power athletes are capable of generating much higher levels of intensity than lesser athletes, but often cannot tolerate high levels of volume, particularly for extended periods of time. In contrast, less gifted athletes might require higher volumes of training to reach their potential. In either case, training every athlete in the same manner means most athletes will fail to reach their full potential for one reason or another.

My goal is to give EVERY athlete the chance to tap into their full potential whether they are genetically gifted or not.  In my experience, most coaches are dedicated and have the best of intentions but simply do not know what it takes to optimize the potential of their athletes. AAS is designed to provide the tools coaches need to maximize the performance of every athlete.