Watch the Full Documentary of P.K. Subban Skate Past The Noise: The Off-Season

The release of P.K. Subban’s new documentary, P.K. Subban Skate Past the Noise: The Off-Season, goes deep and explores what it means to be P.K. Subban as he prepares for the season to come. Shining a light on what it takes to be a top professional athlete, the documentary includes interviews with Subban, rap superstar Snoop Dogg, former Canadian sprinter – Ben Johnson, and P.K. Subban’s Strength Coach – Clance Laylor.

With a running time of just under an hour, this up-close-and-personal documentary tells the story of one of hockey’s biggest personalities and features unparalleled access to his inner circle. As Subban faces a major turning point in his career, the electric defenseman bids adieu to Montréal. The film follows Subban during the 2016 off-season while the star is at home in Toronto, preparing for the next chapter of his life and career in Nashville.

P.K. SUBBAN SKATE PAST THE NOISE: THE OFF-SEASON (2016) will also be seen in French on Nov. 16 on Canal D at 7:30 p.m. ET and RDS at 8:30 p.m. ET. A 30-minute special edition including 15 minutes of never-before-seen content will be available on Bell Fibe TV1 channel, beginning Nov. 17.

HBO Canada in association of Bell Media, P.K. SUBBAN SKATE PAST THE NOISE: THE OFF-SEASON is produced by Productions KOTV III Inc. P.K. Subban, Alain Chicoine, Louis-Philippe Drolet, and Louis Morissette are Executive Producers. Alexandra Toulch and Jack Hackel are Co-Directors.

Watch: November 18, 10:00PM EST on HBO or on TMN GO from (November 22nd – May 8th)

P.K. Subban’s Off Season Training using the Athlete Activation System

Let’s begin with some things he does NOT do.

He does no weighted shooting drills of any kind. Ever.

He does no “wood chops” or rotational exercises or “core” exercises of any kind using a cable machine. Ever.

He does no exercises of ANY kind in the gym to try to specifically replicate what he does on the ice. Ever.

And, of course, he NEVER does ANY KIND of “stability” training or unstable surface training. EVER!

On a high-level, P.K. Subban focuses on this:

  • Squats 2x per week
  • Front Squats 2x per week
  • Olympic Weightlifting variations 4x per week
  • Pull-ups or chin-ups 2x per week
  • Jumps and throws 2-4x per week

Here is his real core training without training the core to get him to have one of the hardest slap shots in the game.

PK Subban, defenseman of the Montreal Canadiens, Norris Trophy winner and Olympic Gold Medalist, was referred to me in the summer of 2008, when he was playing in the OHL for the Belleville Bulls.

At the time of his initial testing in 2008, his body fat measured 19%, which is way too much body fat for a hockey player. I found structural weaknesses in his vastus medialis, medial hamstrings, erector spinae, and his rotator cuff muscles. His upper body strength ratios, specifically, pectoralis major, anterior deltoids and triceps compared to his biceps, were not balanced.

Due to the weakness and hypertonicity in his hips, hamstrings and quads, not to mention the horrible lifting technique due to improper technical advice he had received in the past, I could not even have him do the necessary tests to determine the strength ratios for his lower body as this would only invite injury.

There was no way I could fix all these issues with only ten weeks of training. This would have to be a three year plan.

P.K. Subban Talks About His Results

One of the biggest mistakes I made early in my career was buying into the nonsense of “core training”. The core muscles are force transducers, not force producers – and as such, these muscles are not capable of much in the way of power production.

How do I & Where Can I Train like P.K. Subban?

Are a hard working, dedicated, and hungry aspiring athlete?

You want the results of what it really takes to be a top professional athlete?

Then stop fooling around with all your weighted shooting drills.

Stop “wood chops” or rotational exercises or “core” exercises of any kind using a cable machine.

Stop ANY kind in the gym exercises to try to specifically replicate what you do on the ice.

And especially STOP this silly “stability” training or unstable surface training.

Use a proven, results guaranteed system that is trusted by amateur, Olympic and top professional athletes like P.K. Subban taught by coaches in one of the highest standards of certification in the world.

You can find certified coaches around the world (currently in UK, USA & Canada) here.

Featured Image Credit: HBO Canada