Internship & Learning | Legs Feed The Wolf (EP1)

Episode 1: Internship & Learning

In this premiere episode (E1) of Legs Feed the Wolf, Jeremy & Clance were just having their casual weekly meeting when Clance went on a roll about his past, how and where he interned, how much he spent, and why it has been vitally important to what he’s doing today.

The Legs Feed the Wolf (LFTW) is about capturing the moment of raw gym talk, strength discussions, and rants.  Got comments? Post them below.  Like the video?  Subscribe here.


About the Author:

A Level 5 Master Coach in Canada, Clance Laylor has emerged as one of the most respected names in professional strength and performance training. A secret weapon of top Olympians, competitive athletes, coaches, and driven professionals alike. Founder of Laylor Performance Systems and the Athlete Activation System. Clance believes in Culture > Habits > Results.

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