Learn the proven, results-driven training system that develops strong, durable, and flexible elite athletes who dominate their sport.

This results-guaranteed system is a game-changer and will help you master strength & conditioning in no time.

The Athlete Activation System (AAS) Certification program is backed by 30+ years of experience and is set out to help you navigate the trenches of no bullshit, no gimmicks strength & conditioning. This proven training system is used by elite coaches around the world to build extraordinary athletes who dominate at their sport.



In our comprehensive certification course, you can expect to:

  • Gain an understanding of the physiological adaptations that set the foundation for this program.
  • Understand Physiological adaptations specific to each phase in the periodized approach of the Athlete Activation System.
  • Gain deeper understanding of the adaptation process
  • How to really optimize the Central Nervous System
  • Understand the Importance of weightlifting as it transfers to sport
  • How is weightlifting important for athlete durability and dexterity
  • Improve your Olympic weightlifting competency
  • How to develop strength/power/speed/flexibility/mobility
  • How to develop monstrous work capacity at a high percentage of maximal output
  • How to truly develop maximal force
  • Develop a strong understanding of how to assess an athlete
  • Master and maximze coaching cognition
  • Build a dominant culture with your athletes and clients
  • Innovative approach to programming for your athletes

Our survey results averaged 9.8/10 satisfaction rating and $2,000+ in value.

And we just recently added additional 30% more learning modules!

Athlete Activation System Certification (AASc)

$1,595CAN $
  • Online Certification Video Course
  • Two (2) Day On-Site Practical with Coach Clance
  • Weightlifting Intensive with High Level Professionals
  • Access to Private Strength Coaches Community
  • Access to all Guides, Research and Resources
  • Proud AASc Designation†
  • BONUS: Programming AAS Basics Module
  • BONUS: Concept of Loading Module

†Only applies after you have successfully passed the certification.