This was Fabion Foote’s first offseason using the Athlete Activation System with certified professionals at Laylor Performance Systems, and the raw grind LPS promotes didn’t scare him one bit. Foote sat down with Peter Ingleton to discuss the Athlete Activation System and training with Clance Laylor.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Fabion Foote and I play Football at McMaster University. I play Defensive Tackle and I am in my third year. In the future, my dream is to play in the NFL.

How did you learn about AAS System?

I have a good friend, Wayne Moore (Running Back- McMaster University). He has been working with Clance (Owner and Head Strength and Conditioning/Performance Coach at LPS) for a few years and has always worked very hard. When we spoke about it, he thought that it would be a great idea if I joined so that I can push myself, and Wayne as well. This is my first summer here, and thanks to Wayne and Clance, I am able to work out here now and everything has been great since.

What was your first impression about the training system used by LPS?

It is very hard. When I first got here, it was difficult because I was sore every day. But I decided to fight through it, and it has been great! After the first week, the adaptation was easier. Although in the middle of the summer it became harder again as I was getting stronger, training closer to my max, along with the increased volume of training. It really helped me, I lost a lot of body fat, and my body has really changed.

What are some of the areas that you have improved most?

The most important thing for me this summer was to work on my speed, and I have become way faster than I have ever been before. You know, we train at the gym from 8AM-12PM, and sprint from 12PM-1PM at the track. I found this very effective because I am lifting heavy weight, and moving it fast. However, performing our sprints and conditioning after lifting has really worked well because I am a lot faster than I have ever been before!

That’s great! Although this is the case, have your lifts gone up as well throughout this process, as you have become faster?

Yes, my lifts have gone up at the same time. Although I am faster, my squat is much better than it used to be, I have much better technique, my clean is better and most importantly, I have become way more explosive than I have been before. Since I have been here my power and speed have increased a lot.

What would you say are your best core lifts?

Right now my one rep max for my squat is 550 lbs. I can bench press 335 lbs, and I can clean 155 kg. This is moving the weight very fast, not slow, so very powerful and explosive.

What aspects of training here are most important for your position?

My conditioning has been very good. When we are training there are no breaks, when one person finishes, the next person is up. The bar never stops moving, it is very efficient and it is conditioning me for football as well, one play after another, ready to perform at the same pace and speed.

What do you personally feel is the most important exercise for you?

I love cleans because it is a full body movement and it is explosive and translates to football well, as I need to be quick and fast.

How big a difference has your off-season training at LPS made and how do you feel it will translate to your performance this coming season?

It is going to make a huge difference because all of the training that I have been doing here has helped me in every aspect. All of my lifts have become stronger, I have become much faster, and all of the explosive power that I have gained here is going to translate to the field.

Will you be back next summer?

Of course!